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About Marcus Musings

This blog is devoted to sharing my thoughts (Dave Marcus) on a variety of subjects. I am not exactly unbiased in many of my views. I work in the computer security industry for McAfee’s Avert Labs in particular although my views do not necessarily reflect theirs.



1. Roberta Aronoff - December 27, 2007


Is there a chance that you would like to be a speaker at an upcoming meeting of the Communications Fraud Control Association http://www.cfca.org . If so can you either email me at raronoff@jhcohn.com or call 973-871-4032. We have an upcoming meeting in March in New Orleans and another in Annapolis in June and would really like to have you as a presenter.

Roberta Aronoff
CFCA Executive Director

2. More smartphone malware on the way | ITProPortalITProPortal.com - August 5, 2014

[…] David Marcus, McAfee Avert’s security research and communications manager, says that his company’s research suggests that, as mobile users start carrying out transactions on their smartphones, so the incidence of malware infections will soar. […]

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