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A bit of travel part 1 May 29, 2007

Posted by Dave Marcus in General Chatter, General Security.

What a week last week was! I had the opportunity to travel to both Germany and Ireland last week on business for McAfee. Having only been shortly to Germany and never to Ireland, I jumped at the chance to go.

For Germany I was in Hamburg for two days. Quite a beautiful city and I very much enjoyed the people, food and beer! I would like to have had more time there but work kept me quite busy and on a tight schedule. Spent most of my time with my co-workers (who are great) and getting more familiar with malware in Germany and Europe. I have always said McAfee Avert Labs has the finest researchers and this trip to Germany has solidified that view. Our researchers in Germany and across Europe are on the bleeding edge.

In Ireland I had the chance to spend time in Cork. Cork City to be exact. This very well may be one of the most beautiful countries on Earth (at this point I haven’t been to all the countries on Earth!). Being from The Bronx, NYC originally meeting friendly people on the street is kinda odd to me. Several folks actually stopped me to ask where I was from, did I know where I was going, could they help, etc… I was amazed and quite touched. The highlight of my time in Ireland was a trip to Kinsale. We stopped at Forts Charles and James to walk a bit. Didn’t have a chance to walk inside them as it was late in the day but, hey, there is always next time. And of course we went to The Spaniard! Finest pints of Guinness I have ever had (I lost count of exactly how many).

I cannot wait for an excuse to return…..



1. la conciencia - March 2, 2008

Dave Marcus, you’re an asshole 🙂

in relation to:

You are such a dumbass really, I do research and I spend time, and as you fuckin scumbag should know, time is money, why the fuckin hell will I give it for free, what would you think if mcaffee said: well 80% of your work hours won’t be paid because we think (from our 2 neurons brain) that what you did on your 80% of the time isn’t valuable enough to be paid. And then, what if some scammers offer you 200% or 300% of what mcaffee would have paid you for that 80% of your month ? Huh? do you understand? Really, you’re a dumbass, change your point of view soon or you will sink as all the old scumbags in the market. If nobody pays the 0days the scammers (the eastern europe mafia mostly) will pay for it, and they will do a lot of harm. If you buy it for a fair price, they won’t acquire it and the cyberworld will remain safer. Fuck it you’re a loser I don’t know why I try to educate you loser.

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