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Weekend in NYC May 8, 2007

Posted by Dave Marcus in General Chatter.

It is plain and simple. I love NYC. I was born in The Bronx and try to get back to Manhattan as often as I can.

This past weekend my wife and I decided to take the Amtrak to Penn Station and stay in Times Square. We stayed at The Marriott Marquis in Times Square which is quite nice and decided to take in a Broadway show. We decided upon Spamalot (I am a Python fan since around 1976) and had a great time. The show itself, IMHO, is geared toward less rabid Python fans than myself. Don’t get me wrong, it is extremely funny at times. Personally I have never felt that Holy Grail was nearly their best or funniest work. I have long maintained that their best work was always Life of Brian and that their early Flying Circus episodes (prior to John Cleese leaving) had some of their finest writing as well.

The funniest part of the show for me was a take off of my absolute favorite skit – The Fish-Slapping Dance. Maybe myself, my wife and about 5 other people in the theatre even knew what it was from. To this day I role in absolute glee whenever I see the Fish-Slapping Dance!

We ate both days at Bar Americain, which is one of Bobby Flay’s three restaurants in NYC. My wife and I are big Food Network fans and of Bobby Flay in particular so we were hoping to get a sighting in as well. No such luck on Sunday but boy did we ever luck out on Monday!

We just returned from the Guggenheim Museum and decided to stop at Bar Americain again before heading over to the Amtrak Station at Penn. We are chatting over our lunch when suddenly my wife’s eyes open wide as she sees Bobby Flay walk into the restaurant! I immediately asked the waiter if we could get a couple of menus signed…

A few minutes pass…….

Very shortly Bobby (I feel that I can refer to him as Bobby at this point!) is standing next to our table talking to our waiter asking who wanted menus signed. I decided to open up my big mouth myself and introduce my wife to him (she was almost bouncing in her seat at this point). He actually stopped and talked with us for a good ten minutes and I must say he is quite genial and very approachable. He is very much the same in person as he appears to be on his shows – very down-to-earth. I found him to be very much a gentleman. We briefly discussed his latest shows, newest restaurant and Vodka-based sauces! After a few more minutes of conversation, he excused himself as he had to go and signed a menu for my wife. It was a most memorable meal. I cannot speak highly enough of the restaurant, food (which was excellent) or Bobby Flay himself. Even if you do not see him there you should visit the restaurant anyway just to have the Kentucky Hot Brown and Banana Crepes!

Cannot wait to go back……

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